• Luke Kayyem


Throughout History, Mankind has looked everywhere else other than self to find the passion, purpose and guidance needed to reach the Summit and Mountain Top of their own life.

We search endlessly elsewhere other than inside of our own heart, mind and spirit to extract the greatest possible knowledge needed to make the right decisions and take the most effective route possible.

We wish and want to be better, smarter, faster and more meaningful in our choices but are always the first one to get in our own way and often inside our own head. Slowing down our progress and stopping its momentum all together.

I use to often dream of the day I would be saved by some anonymous stranger or Superhero destined to share with me his GUIDANCE, GREATNESS, and BLUEPRINT for succeeding in the “Game of Life” but nobody ever showed up and so I kept searching, looking and wanting more but was very unclear of who or what I was attempting to find.

This is what the definition of "Soul-Searching" is and I’m a pro at it but the sad reality is if you don’t know what you're searching for, you’ll never find it.

How could you?

This is the same type of madness that exists in all of us, doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

It’s called insanity and will literally drive us crazy everyday doing the same work, expecting a different result.

Enough is enough and after waiting most of my life for a savior I made a choice a few years back that started my succession towards personal and professional development.

It’s called EXPANSION and GROWTH and one of my coaches believes it is our true PURPOSE in LIFE

It’s pretty hard to disagree when you start to see that you’re the only one capable of making a permanent shift in your own life that will cause a trajectory of prosperity I often call an “Upward Spiral of Success”.

It’s the ONLY way one can be in perfect HARMONY with the Universe and in doing so perfect HARMONY with yourself.

So STOP fighting your own personal greatness against other people just as human as you and STOP comparing yourself to anyone or anything.

You are UNIQUE, SPECIAL and ONE OF A KIND. There is nobody like you and their never will be.

You are all you need to discover the greatest gift in life, CERTAINTY and in doing so learn, live and apply some of the masterful techniques of the most significant leaders of the world.

When you are in complete alignment with WHO YOU ARE, nothing can STOP you from becoming unconquerable except yourself.

The PATH that you are on, is the only one that matters, not the one you were on and not the one others are on.

It’s your PATH and it’s your PURPOSE in LIFE to get to the TOP, no matter how painful or how long it takes to get there!


Sunrise on Camelback Mountain

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